Top Places To Check In Search Of A Dissertation Sample On Advertising

If you are a media student pursuing a doctorate degree in either media studies or advertising, you will have to hand in a dissertation paper before you graduate. As a great scholar therefore, it is important to go through a lot of samples from different people to gain more experience and exposure to writing this type of a research paper. Read the article below to learn where you can get the best samples for a dissertation related to advertising.

University Libraries

The single most resourceful place for most students while at the university is the library. It is home to research works, books, theses, journals and publications based on all walks of life. As a graduate student waiting to hand in a dissertation in the near future, the library is a place you should visit more often. Use the catalogs optimally to find as many sample papers about advertising as you can. Work in collaboration with library assistants to help you borrow multiple samples where possible, and most importantly make sure that you read the review for all the papers read.

Publications about advertising

Every year, governments, non-government organizations and individual people undertake research about advertising and make publications based on their findings. These publications are meant to educate the general public, to inform, to warn or to discuss a contentious issue about advertising that can then be taken action upon. If you come across such a publication, which can be found in a public library, always take time to read it.

The Internet

It is the cheapest place to look for a good paper about advertising. In fact, the number of samples you are bound to come across on the Internet is infinite, but you can still scale through until you find the most suitable samples for your purposes. Another advantage of the Internet is the availability of tutorials aimed at assisting people like you complete their own research papers. Additionally, there are reviews and defense talks recorded in video clips or audio tapes which you can utilize to rehearse for your own defense talk.

Educational journals

Educational journals that contain research work on advertising can easily be accessed in public libraries or on the Internet. Sometimes the journals are not given freely, but all the same they are an important resource when looking for dissertation samples.