List Of 20 Good MBA Dissertation Topics To Choose From

Completing an MBA will change your career trajectory completely. What stands between you and graduation is that dissertation. It appears that every idea you had has already been taken yet the supervisor is on your neck. It is time to look for catchy ideas for you topic or get help from professional MBA thesis writing services. Where can you get them?

Research Recommendations

At the end of every paper, presentation, book, etc, researchers give limitations and challenges they encountered in their work. Their recommendations usually involve more intense study. Pick one of the suggestions given and base your paper on it. Ensure that the topic remains within your area of study.

Consult Your Supervisor

Your supervisor has interacted with different aspects of your discipline and is therefore more exposed than you are. He understands your weaknesses and strengths and is better placed to provide directions. A suggestion from the supervisor will therefore be weighty.

Consider Your Passion

The most successful scholars are those who explore areas they are passionate about. Consider basing your dissertation on an area you are interested in. You could have studied it at a lower level thus did not exhaust. Take the opportunity to dig deeper and make the best out of it.

Course Outline

At the beginning of your course, the department issued an outline of the areas or topics you are expected to cover. Your paper should be drawn from these areas. This is the way to ensure relevance. All you need is a little twisting and creativity to make the topic your own.

Here is a list of 20 catchy dissertation topics in MBA.

  1. What management skills do entrepreneurs need?
  2. The place of communication in effective management.
  3. When technology takes over management
  4. The innovation challenges with outsourcing
  5. When cultural differences affect marketing strategies
  6. Ensuring productivity despite social media infiltration
  7. Managing information in a fluid business environment
  8. Balancing between gender mainstreaming and competence
  9. Cost benefit analysis of creative vs direct marketing
  10. Allocating assets between stocks and bonds
  11. The differences in margin financing from one country to another
  12. The impact of leadership in organizational management
  13. The most effective strategy for integration in global stock markets
  14. Strong social media presence as a marketing strategy
  15. Applying local marketing strategies at a global level
  16. The ethics of advertising children products
  17. How e-commerce is affecting company profits
  18. Common markets: how viable is this model?
  19. Surviving political turmoil
  20. The ethics of tax havens