List Of 25 Unique Dissertation Ideas On Sports Journalism

Sports and journalism is one of the fields constantly being researched. There are numerous topics to be discussed in this field owing to the rapid growth that it is undergoing. The following are some of the topics that you can research on when doing your dissertation.

  1. A research on who is always interested in a club between the fans and the shareholders
  2. A research on the use of pain killers on injured players so that they continue playing in the injured state.
  3. A research answering the question on the management of the club. Is it the coach or shareholders?
  4. What are the economic issues in sports coverage?
  5. A research on racial discrimination in sports.
  6. A detailed investigation on the importance of attention beyond the spots ground
  7. An investigation on who carries the day after winning. Is it the player or the team?
  8. What is the effect of journalists digging into the lives of sports men and women? Include the importance of such actions
  9. Should there be different standard between male and females in sports. What is the effect of such differentiation?
  10. What is the effect of the internet on sports? Does the internet promote good sportsmanship?
  11. What is the effect of brands in sports? Does identifying with a team improve the sales of a company?
  12. How can physically challenged athletes be helped to participate in sports effectively?
  13. A research on how the decency of sports people can be protected during coverage.
  14. A research on how physically challenged athletes can be helped to feature on the social media.
  15. How can journalist cover a team they do not support yet at the same time remain focused?
  16. A research on protecting children and under age during coverage.
  17. A research on sensitivity during sports tragedies
  18. What is the role of journalists in promoting a good sporting culture?
  19. A research on the milestones that sports journalism has undergone and what the future holds.
  20. What is the effect of broadcasting sports in the native language rather than other official languages?
  21. A research on the role of a journalist in sports.
  22. A research on some of the challenges that sports journalists go through and the possible solutions.
  23. What are the roles of sports commentators on good sporting culture?
  24. What are the trends in sports journalism?
  25. The role of sports journalism in promoting peace in the society.

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