What Should I Know Before Writing A Dissertation In Economics?

Dissertation are usually the final obstacle that must be conquered by a student, before they can acquire their final diplomas and many would agree that professors don’t make it easy. The dissertation can be thought of as a research project and it must be treated as such. During this exercise, a student is required to formulate a hypothesis, devise a plan of action and execute it. Many students fail at this and require assistance in order to succeed.

When writing any form of research, there are several rules that must be followed. Don’t be perturbed by this though, these rules can serve as guidelines and actually help you as your proceed. The following short list will provide you with a list of several things you should know before writing a dissertation on economics.

  1. The format style required by your professor
  2. Choice of format is important and different institutions prefer specific ones, though, for a personal project, any official format could work. Your instructor will most likely inform you of the format they desire the paper written in, take careful note of this. If you are not familiar with the style recommended by your instructor, you could easily learn more about it from online sources.

  3. Your topic must be selected carefully
  4. Choosing a bad topic could ruin your paper, you want to make sure the topic you select is suitable for you. Because you will be required to do extensive research for this project, you should consider the difficulties that any topic choice you make can have. If possible, you should also select as topic that you have an interest in.

  5. Make a practical hypothesis
  6. The hypothesis will guide the direction of your investigations and is a key component of any paper. To form a thesis is not very hard, simply consider a situation or phenomena in economics and attempt to guess at the reasons behind them.

  7. Adhere to accepted research practices
  8. There are many researchers working today and they all adhere to very specific rules when collecting data. You should learn about and adhere to these rules during your own project, thereby increasing the credibility of your paper.

  9. Essays are required
  10. While economics may deal largely with numbers, charts and graphs, this does not mean that there will be no written pieces involved. You will be required to write at least two essays, explaining situations and models, your dissertation will not be complete without it.