Instructions On How To Find An Undergraduate Dissertation Example

An undergraduate dissertation example provides excellent assistance in your writing process. It gives you a practical example of what is expected once you complete your work. By comparing your work with what is in the example, you will be more confident that you are doing the right thing. Consider the following points to ensure that the example you get is reliable.

Find a Credible Source

There is value in using a checked example. This value includes the guarantee that it meets the highest quality standards. With numerous sources offering samples, students are cautioned against relying on some of these sources. The motivation for some providers is commercial which has led to reduction in quality. There are a few reliable sources which provide a guarantee that you will get a quality example.

  1. Your tutor- tutors understand all the academic requirements and will therefore ensure that you get high quality examples. As they issue the instructions for the dissertation, some provide samples or directions on where you can get the reliable sample. Consult your tutor to ensure that the sample you get meets the highest possible standards.
  2. Library- the responsibilities of libraries is to provide high quality reference and learning materials to students. They ensure that they meet this obligation by providing the best quality examples possible on their shelves. Request the assistance of the local librarian in case you experience difficulty.
  3. Your colleagues and senior- a colleague may be in possession of an example and already halfway into the writing process. Most colleagues are willing to assist their classmates at no fee. Take this opportunity to initiate a discussion on how to use the sample effectively.

Be Specific in Your Search

With numerous undergraduate dissertation examples available from different sources, you will need to be clear on what you want. Indicate the topic of study and the formatting style to guide you during the search. A specific search will deliver the best results.

It is Only an Example

Consider the example as a guide and not an opportunity to copy. It should direct you as you construct your title and present your points, among other writing activities. Do not copy any section to avoid the accusation of plagiarism.

Remember the Instructions Issued in Class

When using the undergraduate dissertation example do not forget the instructions issued in class. Each writing exercise is unique. Instead of producing a paper that resembles the example, let is be a guide as you seek to produce a paper that meets the requirements stipulated by your teacher.